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BlueGene is an information site about the work of artist Christine Robertson.

Christine was born in England and raised in a working-class family. (See -Tracing my roots to the East End)

She studied a BA in Fine Art at Reading University specialising in time-based experimental work. Currently a new media producer, practicing artist and lecturer in Multimedia at The University of the Arts, London and the BBC.


Blue Gene Baby
Looking Through Evas Eyes
Worldly Bird


Typical Girls

Blue Gene Baby

still image from Blue Gene Baby

4'24'' England 1997

Blue Gene Baby is a short digital film (for single large scale projection), which portrays visions of human genetic identity, reflecting and questioning the ability of DNA profiling to reduce human complexities to numbers, codes and patterns. The film contains Images derived from super8, video and digitally created media and an ambient soundtrack by John (JJ) Johnson (GBM). The film grew out of a personal involvement in a DNA profiling project which aims to trace inheritance factors for diabetes.

Screenings include:
Camden Open, Camden Odeon July 2000
Edinburgh Festival
Hamburg International Short Film Festival
Offline TV, USA
British Film Institute/Realnetworks Filmakers Showcase (Internet)
Various Art Gallery location
Group show "Otherness" Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa
Reel Women Norwich

see it

Looking Through Evas Eyes

A still from Looking ThroughEvas Eyes

England 1996 3 mins'

Looking through Evas Eyes is a reflection upon female sexuality and nature, the nature within and nature around us. It is an experimental film utilising the multi-layered possibilities that digital video offers to construct, recombine and deconstruct the reality seen through Evas Eyes.

Screenings Include:
Hamburg International Short Film Festival
Edinburgh Festival Videotheque
Reel Women Norwich


Worldly Bird


England 1991 3 mins

An anti-war animation filmed on Super 8, shown at Hiroshima Peace Festival 1991, as well as being part of an International touring exhibition 'From Belgrade to Hiroshima' 1991-2. Supported by Greater London Arts.

Typical Girls

Typical Girls

England1984 5'37"

The Slits travelled and toured widely as a group. Accompanying them during 1980 and 1981, Christine Robertson filmed intermittently on super 8, collected whilst managing The Slits. “Typical Girls” was completed after the group split up in 1982. Filmed on stage in Berlin and Italy, and off stage in the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, the film gives a flavour of the unconventional lifestyle the group lived and the unique music that came out of it. Basically a DIY approach to film, “Typical Girls” was edited and mastered on to L0-band U-matic video; Lo-Fi (in keeping with the Punk ethos). “Typical Girls” has remained unseen outside of private collections and received its UK premiere as part of the Punk season at the NFT.

Produced and directed by Christine Robertson ©1984
Soundtrack: Music – The Slits
Sampling and mix: Duncan Bridgeman

The Slits
The Carpets

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