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Typical Girls (in dub)

by Christine Robertson
Soundtrack: Christine Robertson and Duncan Bridgeman
Music: The Slits

©2011 (remastered)

The Slits travelled and toured widely as a group. Accompanying them during 1980 and 1981, Christine Robertson filmed intermittently on super 8, collected whilst managing The Slits.

“Typical Girls” was completed after the group split up in 1982. Filmed on stage in Berlin and Italy, and off stage in the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, the film gives a flavour of the unconventional lifestyle the group lived and the unique music that came out of it.

“Typical Girls”received its UK premiere as part of the Punk season at the National Film Theatre, South Bank, London, and has remained largely unseen outside of private collections.

“Typical Girls” has been digitally re-mastered and was shown at Don Letts night, Portobello Pop up cinema.


Running time: 6' 46"

The Slits
The Carpets


The Slits



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